STEAM BLOW: Foothills Hospital Noise until Sat. Nov. 28

UPDATE: Steam Blow to continue until Saturday, Oct. 28

Please find attached for your information a notice issued to FMC site stakeholders warning of upcoming loud bursts of noise between Monday, October 16th and Wednesday, October 25th.  Above normal noise levels and steam plumes will be caused by repetition of a procedure known as a “steam blow”.  This process is required for reinstatement of FMC Power Plant functionality, essential for winter months.

 The steam blows will be cyclical, lasting approximately 20 minutes each, and numbering approximately 15 episodes per day. They will occur between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm Monday to Saturday, and 9 am to 10 pm Sunday.  There will be a silencer deployed next to the noise source at the Power Plant to reduce the sound level as much as possible. 

AHS is mindful of the potential discomfort or inconvenience this activity may cause local residents, as well as patients, families, and staff.  The FMC Project Management team is facing circumstances that necessitate the daily duration of activity outlined above.  These include a need for participation of specialized professionals from overseas, and risk to continuity of FMC services if Power Plant reinstatement is delayed as winter temperatures arrive.

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