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Parkdale Community Association

3512 – 5th Avenue NW
Calgary AB T2N 0V7
(403) 283-5767

PCA Executive Director
Bill Biccum
(403) 283-5767

Office Hours

The PCA Office is usually open 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Thursday. Please call or email and leave a message if you need support from the PCA Office. The PCA Office is closed on all statutory holidays.

Parkdale Community Association Board of Directors

President (Executive)
Amanda Affonso

Vice President (Executive)  Jon Balkwill

Treasurer (Executive) Terry Allardyce

Secretary (Executive) Jason Tauber

Director, Rink John Butterwick

Director, Events Tammy German

Director, SSASDC/SSASPG Vince Walker

Director, Parkdale Soccer Program
Angus Smith

Director-at-Large Steve Lemp

Director, Community Garden Jason Tauber

City Representative (non-voting)

Director-at-Large  Ruby Miller

Director-at-Large  EmmaLee Taylor