Vision, Mission and Goals

Your community, your voice

The PCA has recently undergone an assessment and revision to our Strategic Plan, and as part of that plan we would like to hear from you.

Below is our proposed vision and mission for the PCA, as well as a series of outcome-based goals we are looking at for the 2013-2016 period.

Please take a moment to review the goals and our ideas to help achieve those goals. Please feel free to provide suggestions, additions or comments to the PCA’s Communications Director or in the comments field below.


The Parkdale community seeks to foster a welcoming, safe, and inclusive community.


Our purpose is to create opportunities for connecting the residents of Parkdale and surrounding communities by:

  • Providing engaging activities
  • Supporting beautiful surroundings
  • Advocate for redevelopment that supports a complete community
  • Providing useful facilities and services
  • Establishing a strong community network
  • Creating strong partnerships
  • Managing the Association well

Goals for 2013 – 2020

Outcome: Beauty of PCA Campus and community draws people in and creates a sense of ownership

  • New community garden
  • Repairs to the PCA building and improvements to the look of the community building
  • A new window on the north wall, facing the proposed Community Garden
  • New marker program for inspirational gardens in the community
  • Heritage Committee
  • Tree Hugger Urban Canopy Initiative
  • Outcome: The form and function of the campus draws people in and meets the needs of the community
  • Replace skating rink
  • East side access to outdoor space
  • Develop and implement plan for facility and equipment upgrades

Outcome: Desirable events generate revenue and engage the community

  • Parkdale Petfest – Annual Event – Fundraiser
  • Family Day – June 2019
  • Children’s Christmas Party – December 01, 2018
  • Stampede Breakfast – July 2018
  • 65th Anniversary Event
  • Social Event Fundraiser

Outcome: Programs and Services based on community desires and needs

  • Parkdale Soccer Program
  • More programs for families and youth:
  • Mom and Tots Program
  • Dance programs
  • Live music venue
  • Ballroom dancing classes
  • Children’s Cooking Program
  • Children’s sports program – Sundays

Outcome: Strategic, relevant and timely communications engage the community and beyond

  • Continued build-out of PCA website (
  • Development of community-wide email list
  • Long-term strategic assessment of Parkdale newsletter and potential redesign
  • PCA expands their social media presence
  • More outdoor advertising (bright signs, billboards)

Outcome: Partnerships with external stakeholders to create a stronger sense of community

  • Increased partnerships and involvement with:
    • South Shaganappi communities
    • Alberta Health Services
    • Morpheus Theatre
    • Parkdale Nifty Fifties
    • Westmount Charter School
    • Woods Homes
    • Community businesses
    • The City of Calgary
    • Calgary Community Day Services
    • Calgary Ballroom Dance Club
    • Poppy Innovations – Children’s Culinary Program
    • Sportball
    • Lions Club
    • Foothills Academy
    • Colonel Belcher
    • Parkdale United Church
    • St. Bernard’s Parish
    • Point McKay and surrounding communities
  • Create a new board position to manage and monitor this goal

Outcome: The PCA is well managed and ensures long-term sustainability at a business level

  • Continued excellent financial stewardship and balanced budgets
  • Increase in number of full-time/part-time staff to manage new and existing programs
  • A volunteer database and coordinator
  • Better management of grants and funding
  • Director of social events
  • Manager of rentals and finances
  • Casino volunteering

Outcome: Parkdale is diverse, open-minded and inclusive

  • Track community demographics
  • Work with the city to help address the needs of low-income residents
  • Facilitate the continued development of high-quality affordable housing
  • Invite and include every member of the community to events
  • Continue to allow renters to participate in the PCA
  • Talk to stakeholders in Calgary’s immigrant community to provide a space for outreach and support

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