Vision, Mission and Values

Strategic Priorities 2021-2023

Below is our Vision, Mission and Values that we have agreed upon for our strategic priorities for 2021-2023.

Please take a moment to review the goals and our ideas to help achieve those goals. Please feel free to provide suggestions, additions or comments to the PCA’s Communications Director or in the comments field below.


Parkdale is a proud, active and welcoming neighbourhood that offers programs, services and facilities that make us a vibrant inner-city community.


Parkdale Community Association creates an environment for people to connect in a complete and healthy community.


  • Collaborative
  • Accountable
  • Inclusive
  • Respectful
  • Energetic

Strategic Priorities

  1. Our Community – engage the community
    • Revitalization of business horseshoe
    • Engage community businesses & organizations
    • Host a business networking event
    • Integrate West Hillhurst and Point McKay
    • Engage whole community in LAP process
    • Traffic calming / control
    • Advocacy
    • Create welcome to Parkdale program
    • Survey participants to canvass feedback
    • Youth leadership program
  2. Our People – resilient and sustainable community leadership
    • Succession planning
    • Establish Director, Volunteer Coordination
    • Recruitment strategy
    • Volunteer of the month highlight
    • Story telling – benefits of CA and our community volunteers
  3. Communications and Marketing – enhance our profile, brand and reputation
    • Virtual online engagement with photo tagging and contests
    • Communications support for programs and events
    • Branding
      • Community contest for new logo
      • Parkdale signs / flags for main street
      • Investigate Great West News alternatives (e.g. – on-line medium)
      • Parkdale merchandise
    • Update website with calendars of events, Board pics/bios/emails
    • Membership renewals
  4. Programs and Special Events – create connections through programs and events
    • Community events
    • Skating and Hockey programs
    • Community clean up joint event with neighbouring community
    • Community mixer with businesses
  5. Our Infrastructure – well managed community campus
    • Investigate funding a new staff position(s) / model to increase organizational capacity (e.g. shared services with a partner organization?)
    • Establish rink rental framework
    • Lifecycle update and planning for funding/execution
    • Pump Track
    • Collaboration with PNFSA
  6. Our Finances – financially responsible, growth focused
    • Migration to O365
    • Fundraising
    • Increase revenues from residents (donations etc.)
    • Investment target of $300K

Annual Priorities/In progress:

  1. Communications and Marketing
    • Community Meetings
  2. Programs and Events:
    • Stampede Breakfast
    • Parkdale PetFest
    • Family Day BBQ
    • Children’s Christmas Party
    • Soccer Program
    • Community garden harvest dinner
  3. Our Facility
    • Accessible Rink and Parkdale Hub (Phase 2)
    • JUCC meetings
  4. Our Finances
    • Investment policy
    • Budget plans
    • QBO migration to Cloud
    • Casino

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