Style and Editorial Guide


The Parkdale Newsletter services the community of Parkdale and its surrounding area, including Point McKay and West Hillhurst, providing residents information and updates relating to the PCA’s programs and services.

With the increase in programs and services being offered to the community by the PCA, and the recent launch of, the newsletter is being updated to move to a monthly publication, distributed by Great News Publishing.

To submit an article, email your content (article and images as separate files) to as well as


The Parkdale Newsletter is published on a monthly basis, with each issue delivered to every home in Parkdale by the 5th of every month.

In order to deliver the newsletter on time, each issue’s content must be submitted to the PCA editorial team no later than the 1st of the month preceding the publication date. This gives the editorial team time to review articles, provide feedback and ask questions, submit final creative to the publisher for assembly and a chance to proof the final product before publication.

For example, articles scheduled for the February issue of the newsletter must be submitted by January 1. Articles submitted after the deadline will be scheduled for the following issue or not published at the discretion of the editorial team. There will be no exceptions.

Articles submitted for publication in the newsletter will also be considered for publication on Articles submitted earlier will be published online earlier, giving you more time at the top priority of the website.


All newsletter articles must be spell-checked and reviewed for grammar and punctuation prior to submission.

Any and all revisions made to the articles by the editorial team will be sent back to the authors for clarification and review, but the final decisions on copy, style and content are made at the discretion of the editors.


Any article submitted for publication in the PCA Newsletter must conform to the following standards:

  1. All articles must be submitted as MS Office or Apple iWork formats (.docx or .pages, respectively).
  2. Images associated with the article must be saved separately (i.e. not embedded in the Word or Pages documents, but as separate files) in .jpg, .png, .pdf or .gif files. Photos provided to the PCA for articles should have all relevant permissions secured beforehand. 
  3. Posters/announcements must be related to PCA business only – all others will be considered advertising and will be forwarded to Great News for invoicing. All posters/announcements must be submitted as .pdf files.


The PCA Newsletter is developed with a consistent, readable style, designed to provide readers with a product that meets their needs and is fundamentally attuned with the PCA’s overall communications strategy.

All articles in the PCA Newsletter follow the same basic style. To help facilitate that process, the PCA asks for all articles to be submitted in the following format:

  • Article titles in Size 14 Arial/Helvetica
  • Subtitles/Headers in Size 10 Bold Arial/Helvetica
  • Body text in Size 10 Arial/Helvetica
  • Bylines in Size 10 Arial/Helvetica Italics

For example documents, check out examples below:

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