River Restoration Work begins April 6th

The City has an upcoming river erosion protection project in Parkdale to stabilize the riverbank along the Bow River, which was damaged during the 2013 Flood. Construction is planned to start on April 6 and may take up to ten weeks to complete.  Please see to the attached letter for more information.


In the June 2013 flood event, a portion of the river bank along the Bow River along Parkdale Blvd. saw significant over-steepening due to erosion. The City will be working to restore the river bank and stabilize the slope starting April 6 during the legislated fish window. Construction is expected to take up to ten weeks to complete. Our construction site will be along the south side of Parkdale Blvd, between 34 St. and 28 St. N.W. The site extends from the existing Bow River Pathway to the river (see map attached). Construction impacts will be kept to a minimum. However, residents should expect traffic impacts along Parkdale Blvd, with flag personnel available to guide construction traffic in and out of the site.

A temporary pathway will be constructed to allow the pathway to remain open for the duration of the construction. To restore and stabilize the riverbank it will be necessary to remove approximately 21 trees along the riverbank. The trees will be removed before the April bird-nesting period and will be replaced by trees as requested by Parks Urban Forestry determination.

To stabilize the riverbank, we will be using a vegetated timber crib wall which is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while increasing habitat value and providing immediate bank stability and protection from erosion. For more information about this project please visit calgary.ca/waterprojects.

Should you require any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Marvin Leo, P.Eng.

Project Engineer

Infrastructure Delivery, Water Resources

T 403.268.4860 | Mail code #436



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