Amanda Affonso

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  1. What is your name? 
    • Amanda Affonso
  2. List family members. 
    • Jason
    • Josephine
    • Alani (our Bernadoodle)
  3. How long have you lived in Parkdale? 
    • 7 years
  4. What is your favourite memory of Parkdale? 
    • The river pathway is one of the most special places in Parkdale. Winter walks, summer bike rides, its a great place to enjoy all year-round.
  5. How long have you been a part of the Board? 
    • I joined the Board of Directors in 2017 as a Director at Large, in 2019 stepped into the President role.
  6. What is the best part of being on the board and volunteering? 
    • The best part of being involved in the PCA is being able to make a difference – to make our community a better place. Not to mention, learning new skills and meeting new friends.  I have learned so much about rink construction and grant writing!
  7. Any fun tid bit about you that people would find interesting & engaging. 
    • My COVID hobbies include: pickling and jams, baking, and cross country skiing.