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The Parkdale Community Association is a non-profit community group with the goal of providing a wide range of programs and services to its residents, which currently include a cherished list:

  • Social events, including the Children’s Christmas Party, Family Day party, Stampede Breakfast, and PetFest
  • Community Soccer program
  • Community Garden program
  • Community Rink program

The PCA prides itself in the community involvement in the Parkdale & area and welcomes all community members, leaders and local businesses to our facilities. Our Facilities include the Pierson Hall, Parkdale Community Center, Accessible Rink (New & completed construction 2021) and eventually the Parkdale Hub (to complement the rink).

By providing fiscal donations, PCA will ensure it continues with its’ exceptional programs, services, community engagement & improvement of our facilities. The PCA is entirely dependent on outside funding to not only provide these programs & services, but also to operate its Parkdale Community Center & Accessible Rink that supports these services.  Ideally, Parkdale will expand its’ services further to provide programs & services that the community is interested in.  Monthly donations provide a highly valuable, stable base of funding to allow us to pursue that goal.

New Fundraising Campaign
Outdoor Accessible Rink
& Parkdale Hub

Should you be interested in volunteering to help maintain this valuable community asset with our Rink Rangers Group so people can experience the joy and the benefits of our outdoor accessible skating rink, please email

Our Outdoor Accessible Rink & Parkdale Hub is currently in a 3-phase construction build, Phase 2 completed by the end of November 2021. We are currently fundraising for construction build of the Parkdale Hub, a facility to help support our Accessible Rink. These funds will be used for a variety of things, like building materials & construction. Then, as the development becomes reality, we will use these funds to help maintain the building and provide extras such as shovels and ice in the winter, and possible basketball hoops and equipment to use in the summer on the cement pad that will be able to use by Summer 2022.

Thank you for considering our community outdoor accessible rink development initiative, we welcome donations of all sizes, big and small – every bit helps!

Monthly Donations

On behalf of Parkdale’s Board of Directors, we invite you to become a monthly donor today to support us in many on-going development and maintaining goals.  You are free to choose the amount donated; we suggest $20.00 per month but of course any amount is greatly appreciated.

To start becoming a regular donor to the PCA, please see above for the form for registration and payment via PayPal.