8. 3220 Parkdale Blvd, Betz Residence

Architectural Style: Craftsman 

The Betz Residence is a one-and-one-half-storey, wood-frame, Craftsman style bungalow built in 1913. The bungalow is dominated by its varied roofline with double front gables and wraparound veranda. It is located at 3220 Parkdale Boulevard N.W. on two city lots in the residential Calgary community of Parkdale. It is one of six historic houses, in Parkdale, that line the north side of Parkdale Blvd. and that form a historic streetscape. 

The Betz Residence is of historical value as a representative example of the housing that was constructed in Calgary at the time for Calgary’s professional class. However, the first owner and longtime resident of the house was William Betz, a carpenter for Scott and Hartronft. It is likely that Betz had constructed the house on a speculative basis but was unable to sell it due to the drastic downturn in the economy. It seems that Betz was involved in this type of development previously, having some involvement in the development of another Parkdale house that was built a year earlier at 3110 Parkdale Boulevard (Willis/Shields Residence). Speculative development by individual builders was a typical during the period, with the development of the Betz residence exemplifying this practice. Betz owned the house from 1915-29, but occupied it from 1914-31.

The Betz Residence exemplifies a Craftsman style bungalow, and is one of only a small number of examples (about a half-dozen) of this style in Parkdale. The complex roofline of this house makes it a noteworthy example of its type with paired cross gables. More characteristic Craftsman features include the mock half-timbering of the gables, shingle cladding and the exposed purlins and rafter tails. The wraparound veranda serves to further distinguish the house.

The Betz Residence is an integral component to the collection of historic houses that line the north side of Parkdale Boulevard, forming a valuable historic streetscape. This streetscape symbolizes Parkdale’s initial development as an urban community and serves as an important aesthetic asset to the Parkdale community.