Volunteer Engagement

Jean-Michel Pare

Email Contact: volunteer@parkdalecommunity.com

  1. What is your name?
    • Jean-Michel Paré
  2. List family members.
    • Lauren – Wife
    • Léo 2 – year old
    • Olivier – Newborn
  3. How long have you lived in Parkdale?
    • 3 months
  4. What is your favourite memory of Parkdale?
    • It’s a little early to have memories but I really enjoyed the new rink this winter.
  5. How long have you been a part of the Board?
    • Since April 2021.
  6. What is the best part of being on the board and volunteering?
    • I’m looking forward to finding out but I’m excited to meet other community members.
  7. Any fun tid bit about you that people would find interesting & engaging.
    • I grew up in the Maritimes and took a one way flight to Fort McMurray after high school without any plans.