Refund Policy

The Parkdale Community Association recognizes that situations change and things come up in the busy lives of our members. To reflect this, we do whatever we can to be flexible when it comes to people that need to be refunded for any of our services or products.

Here are a few guidelines that we abide by:


If you are registered in a program and want to be refunded, the latest that it is possible to be refunded is one week before the program begins. Unless the nature of the program (such as the start and end date) has been modified after registration by the PCA, the PCA does not provide refunds after one week in advance of the program. If you miss any classes, for any reasons, we are not able to provide you with a refund and in most cases can not provide credit.

Space rentals

The damage deposit on all hall rentals will only be returned if the terms of the contract were fulfilled. Generally as long as there was no damage, noise complaints, smoking indoors and the hall was cleaned to the level that was agreed upon within the contract, the deposit will be returned in full. This is at the sole discretion of the Executive Director.

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