Membership in the Parkdale Community Association grants you voting rights during our annual AGM, but more importantly it acts as a gateway into the larger civic life of the citizens in your community.

  • 1-year Family Membership: $26.25
  • 1-year Single Membership: $21.00
  • 1-year Senior Membership: $5.25

A Membership in the PCA grants you or your family discounts on our PCA programs, including:

  • Parkdale Soccer Program – One of the most popular programs in the community with more than 100 children participating, our soccer program is available for children as young as 2 and as old as 12.
  • Social Events – Each year the PCA holds a number of fun events ranging from Christmas parties, monthly Parkdale Community Nights, Movies, Workshops and so much more! A PCA membership keeps you up to date on events and you receive the lowest price for entry.
  • Programming- From culinary programs to inline skating and yoga, Parkdale Community Association has you covered. A membership gets you the best rates for these programs.

To register for or renew your Parkdale Community Association membership, visit our new online registration system.

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