9. 3210 Parkdale Blvd, Withrow Residence

Architectural Style: Craftsman

The Withrow Residence is of historical value as a representative example of the housing that was constructed in Calgary at the time for the city’s professional class. The first owner of the house was Edwin P. Withrow, a branch manager of the Dominion of Canada Guarantee and Accidental Insurance Company. Withrow occupied the house from about 1912 or 1913 until 1918.

The Withrow Residence is valuable for its Craftsman style architecture, and is one of only about a half-dozen examples of this style in Parkdale. The house is distinctive for its picturesque roofline which is an uncommon gable-on-hip form, complemented by broad, bracketed eaves. Atypical also are the piers which extend above the roofline. Ornamenting the exterior further is mock half-timbering in the gables. During the period that the house was completed, such bungalows were frequently referred to as displaying ‘artistic’ design. The builder of the house was a Mr. McKenzie.

The Withrow Residence is an integral component of the collection of historic houses that line the north side of Parkdale Boulevard forming a valuable historic streetscape. This streetscape symbolizes Parkdale’s initial development as an urban community and serves as an important aesthetic asset to the Parkdale community.