10. 3208 Parkdale Blvd, Hill Residence

Architectural Style: Queen Anne Revival 

The Hill Residence is of historical value as a representative example of the housing that was constructed in Calgary at the time for Calgary’s professional class. The first owner of the house was Harmon E. Birtch, a real estate broker, and after 1914 an executive with the Dakota Sands Oil Company. It appears that the house was designed and built specifically for Birtch who also commissioned a nearly identical house next door at 3204, suggesting that at least one of these houses was built for speculative purposes. Birtch retained 3208 until 1918 but never lived here. From 1925-39 the house was occupied by J. Frank Hill, an insurance agent, and his family. The Hill family, who had purchased the property in 1937 lived here for a total of 14 years, making their residency longer than any other early residents.

It’s valuable for the Queen Anne Revival style architecture, and is one of only four examples of this style in Parkdale. The house is characterized by its hipped roof with lower cross gable form, bay window and its full-width front verandah and second-storey balcony.

The Hill Residence is an integral component to the collection of historic houses that line the north side of Parkdale Boulevard forming a valuable historic streetscape. This streetscape symbolizes Parkdale’s initial development as an urban community and serves as an important aesthetic asset to the Parkdale community.