Garden volunteers dig deep

by Audrey Smith

The garden has hosted a steady stream of activities in the last weeks. Along with regular work parties of garden members building compost bins, sheet mulching areas, harvesting hops, making haystacks and putting up birdhouses and banners, the garden has been blessed with work parties from outside groups. Brookfield Residential and Deloitte have contributed hundreds of hours of labor to improve our garden.

20150919_130859 (1)Brookfield employees worked hard to carefully remove and transplant hundreds of perennials, relocating a complete perennial garden from a laneway into the community garden.

From early morning until late 20151002_114843afternoon on October 2, employees from Deloitte dug trenches throughout the three food forest areas in our garden to create a path network filled with bark mulch. As they dug and relocated soil, they incorporated a cover crop of buckwheat into the planting beds which are now well prepared for the addition of fruit trees, shrubs and support plants. This generous gift of many hours of labor means that in the spring we will be ready to plant our food forest areas. Watch the newsletter for notice of planting day if you would like to be involved.

In addition to trenching out the path network, Deloitte employees also compost mulched all of the perennials that Brookfield folks had transplanted, readying them for winter using bags and bags of compost that Brookfield supplied.

Joining this activity was a group of our partners from Simon House who dug hundreds of pounds of potatoes and onions to use in their kitchens. It was exciting to see the five different cultivars of potatoes come out of the ground and fill boxes and boxes with their beautiful colors alongside the robust onions. We look forward to creating next year’s planting plan together so a steady stream of produce can appear on their tables throughout the season. The Simon House workers completed the day by covering all of the soil with clean straw for the winter.

We are so grateful for this generosity!


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