The Rink is Ready for Action!

I’m proud to say the rink is open for action! Thanks to our investment in a rink liner to lay on the beach volleyball sand, we now have hockey-ready ice in a few short weeks. A great step-change from last year where it took about 6 weeks of work to get he rink ready, this years rink is ready in 2 weeks since we laid down the liner.
Come on down to play some hockey or go for a nice little skate!
We are still working most nights on the rink, and are happy to accept any volunteer help to flood or clear snow (we have a snow thrower).  If you are interested please contact the community centre and we will show you the ropes (and hoses).
A few guidelines for the players:
  • Lights are on from 4:00 PM – 10:30 PM
  • There are a few shovels we keep at the rink, please feel free to use them to clear the ice but don’t take them home.
  • If you are the last player or group on the ice, please remove the nets from the surface so they don’t melt into the ice.  They are pretty heavy, so please be careful.
  • There are garbage bins by the rink, so please use them for cans or garbage.
  • The surface entering the rink through the gates is concrete – be careful with your skates.
Special thanks to all the volunteer resources – our Rink Rangers.

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