Leave Your Mark on the Garden, Buy an Engraved Paver!


Buy an engraved Garden Paver to support Phase I of the Build

As we move into the installation of Phase I of the Parkdale Community Garden, we are offering an opportunity for community members to participate with an engraved paver that represents their family or perhaps is a memorial recognition of a significant  individual or family.

For many of us, our non-human friends contribute greatly to our lives and we have neighbors who will recognize the passing of these important ‘people’ with their paver.  I will purchase pavers to include my family in this project as well as to recognize my garden mentors.

The pavers cost $75 and can be purchased in the form below!

They will be installed in the base of the beautiful entry pergola being designed and built as a garden donation from G.E. Miller Builder and Contractors who are also donating the labor and expertise to prepare the earthworks for the center circle.

Our garden project would not have been possible without grants from the Walmart Evergreen Foundation as well as a Neighbor Grant from the Calgary Foundation.

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