Yoga Flow Sessions
Join us at the Parkdale Community Association in Spring 2019 for Yoga Flow Classes. These classes focus on alignment and strengthening. A moving meditation through different asanas. Our instructor, Linda Kee begins the class with getting focused and present, through Pranayama (regulation of breath), moving into a flow of asanas (postures) to strengthen and gain awareness of alignment, then finishes with stretching and relaxation.  Participants must bring a yoga mat!

Linda has been a student of yoga for over 10 years.  Her background is performing arts as an actor on stage and on screen. She is also a facilitator, using theatre as a vehicle for healthier communities and social change.  Linda received her 200 hour Teacher Training Certification in Wiiliamsburg, New York, at the Lighthouse Yoga School, with Jared McCann, Linda also received her 100 hour Synergy Partner Certification in Montecito, California, with Francisco Morales-Bermudez.

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