Sightings in the garden 2016

We stopped by the garden on Family Day and brought along a few garden tools to prune, and tidy a little. As we get out our garden catalogues it is good to check out what we already have. Labels help so much. We are looking forward to seeing how the perennials we planted over a period of many months last summer and fall managed over the winter.

For many of the perennials we don’t have to wait. Mint, chives, walking onions, hardy strawberries and parsley in the herb garden have visible new growth. Yes, you can open the gate and check it out. The gate is for hares, not you.

Also in the herb garden you will see that the Blue spruce stonecrop is looking quite lush. Other early risers that are visible are the creeping thymes, creeping phlox, pussytoes, veronica, lamium and the cactus in the perennial beds. If you look closely you may soon see the hardy pansies blossoming through the snow.

It’s too early to be cleaning the garden. We need to leave the lady bugs in peace.

Looking for ways to help out?

We’ll be ordering bulbs, tubers, perennials and bedding plants in March and planting in May.

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