Parkdale Hosts PM at Stampede Breakfast

On July 15, the Parkdale Community Association on Nifty Fifties Seniors’ Association hosted their second annual pancake breakfast, sausages and pancakes were served, live music was enjoyed and the Stampede Caravan kept the crowd entertained with rope tricks and stampede games. More than 900 people took in the festivities – and at least one very special guest.

The PCA and Nifty Fifties were joined by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his visit to Calgary, serving a few flapjacks and taking some photos with the crowd.

The logistics and increased challenges of hosting the PM and his security detail was handled with amazing grace by so many of the tremendous volunteers of the PCA and Nifty Fifties. Huge thanks to Bill Biccum, Peggy Viel and Tammy German for organizing the festivities and for all the PCA and Nifty Fifties for making the event so successful!

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