*NEW* Mindful Motion Fitness Class

Join us for this fun filled, 6 week class, which combines cardio, stretch and free-movement fun in this unique and playful class!

Yoga_at_a_GymBeginning with a gentle guided stretch, we open the body through all ranges of motion, warming up our muscles and loosening our joints. Then, inspired by an eclectic world music mix, we explore, play and sweat while we ‘dance like nobody’s watching’! No choreography allows free movement and exploration with as much or as little intensity as desired. Each class we cool down with another guided stretch, connecting the body, mind and spirit.

All fitness levels and people with two left feet are welcome! No dance experience required, only a desire to have fun!!! Participants must bring a yoga mat!Vicky Livaditis Picture

About the Instructor: Vicky Livaditis has been inspiring people to reach their health and fitness goals since 2005. Her deep love of dance and her desire to continually become more self-aware inspires her teaching of Mindful Motion. She has taught a wide variety of group fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp & Step.

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