May 21, 2016 Our first workday for the herb circle and perennial beds

Plants that bloom in May
Plants that bloom in May: Creeping phlox, Forget-me-not, Wind anemone, hardy pansies, Nepeta, Alyssum ‘compactum’


Chinook spent an hour on Saturday morning chasing a drove of a dozen hares in circles around us as we weeded, transplanted perennials and planted dozens of roots and bulbs on our first perennial and herb circle work day of 2016. William also helped dig strawberry plants, ground covers and walking onions from my garden to be transported to the community garden. Leanne transplanted the currant bush from the herb circle to the future food forest beds.

At the end of the day ten wheelbarrow loads of mulch had replaced eight wheelbarrow loads of weeds and the perennial beds and herb circle had dozens of new plants watered and ready for the 2016 season. Many thanks to Leanne, William, Chinook, Ruby, Deb, Ron, Dave, Marjorie, Lane and his young daughter for the hard work.

We had planned on planting the gladiolus and blazing star bulbs directly into the perennial beds but the hares made us think twice. Now we are looking at inexpensive, not unattractive, DIY hare-proof cloche designs to protect the new additions for awhile.

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