Introducing our garden leads: the Builder

We are gathering thumbnail sketches of the Parkdale Garden and Gathering Place leads…

Marcel Hebert
Marcel working on The Station

I first met Marcel Hebert, the lead on “Builds” as he was building what is now our Herb Circle. The next day he was up a ladder completing the Parkdale Station, the garden shed. He is our community historian and a champion builder.

There have been many volunteers working together to make the garden the success it is today. See more photos here.

For more information-including how you could help Marcel or other garden leads-contact Parkdale Garden and Gathering Place Director Audrey Smith at

Marcel Hebert
Marcel Hebert “The Builder”


Marcel Hebert

“… Every minute of the past 15 years in Parkdale has brought me joy. It’s even better if you’re retired, because you get to meet so many great people. Keeping busy building things and exploring history puts a smile on my face. The garden is like a powerful magnet, attracting families, kids, and seniors from our community and beyond. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.” Marcel

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