The Sprit of Stampede and Community thrives in Parkdale

Colin Brandt, President

Thanks to everyone who joined us on July 15 for our second annual PCA/Nifty Fifties Stampede Breakfast. To describe it as a success is a complete understatement – not only was the event a blast for both attendees and volunteers, having the Prime Minister join us was such an honour and a highlight of my time with the PCA.

To put on a free event for nearly a thousand people takes a tremendous amount of effort. The combined volunteer base and PCA and Nifty Fifties staff made this possible – and while I can’t list them all out I want to just simply say thank you to all of you who made this day so special. From meetings with the Prime Ministers’ team and security detail at the last minute, to cooking sausages for 8 hours the day before the event, to staying at the end in 30 degree heat to tear down and put away hundreds of chairs and tables, the work of the PCA and Nifty Fifties makes it possible.

The work of the Community Association is hard. Putting your mind, your physical labour and your heart into something that by its very nature is for others can be tough. For those of us that have work, or families, or other commitments, finding the time to push through and get the work done is a constant struggle. On some days, after working for many hours in a fundamentally thankless role, having people focus on the negative (or on themselves) can be disheartening.

The good news is that, at its core, this work makes a real and substantive difference in the lives of our neighbours. It isn’t the sitting on the sidelines and chirping from the cheap seats that are doing the work to make the lives of the citizens of Parkdale better.

The Stampede spirit is fundamentally about the kind of service exemplified by those that helped with our breakfast. In a city of more than a million people, more than 2,000 Calgarians volunteer in some way as part of the Calgary Stampede organization. Quite simply, it’s folks who offer their energy, their time, their work and their hearts to make the biggest and best event in Calgary happen, and I’m so proud of our chance to participate in it as part of the PCA.

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