Poinsettias for Sale!

Planter sales are now closed!  Thank you for supporting the Parkdale Community Association.

Available to order direct from the PCA – beautiful poinsettias grown locally with care by Ever-Green Greenhouses Ltd. Pick up date is December 7, from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. at the community centre. Complete your order below by November 30!


RED – is the favourite and most popular colour of poinsettia. There are more and more varieties all the time, but we tend to pick two or three varieties that best suit our environment and customers’ needs.

6” – $16.00 Each (10-12” W / 14-16” H)
10” – $36.00 Each (18-20” W / 20-22” H)


WHITE – an all time favourite as well. Like all varieties, lots of bracts (branches) to give lots of colour on top of the plant.

6” – $16.00 Each (10-12” W / 14-16” H)
10” – $36.00 Each (18-20” W / 20-22” H)


PINK – is a little less traditional for the holiday season however these plants are stunning. They offer 2-3 shades of pink throughout their bracts and are completely covered in colour.

6” – $16.00 Each (10-12” W / 14-16” H)
10” – $36.00 Each (18-20” W / 20-22” H)

Decorative Metal Pan – New to our Christmas Collection. This is an oval shaped metal pan that comes in an assortment of colours with 2 poinsettias (assorted colours), complete with holiday decorations. This will be sure to add a very nice touch to your home during the holidays

$40.00 Each


12” Wicker Basket – These exotic beauties are sure to please. They are a 12” Wicker Basket with multiple tropical plants (assorted varieties) and a poinsettia (assorted colours) complete with holiday decorations. They are absolutely beautiful and are sure to compliment your holiday décor wonderfully. (The tropical plants can also be transplanted after the holiday season)

$36.00 Each


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