Parkdale Escarpment saved as AHS revises parkade plan

For the past nine months, residents of Parkdale in conjunction with members of Parkdale’s Board of Directors and Planning and Development Committee have engaged in a lengthy consultation process with Alberta Health Services (AHS) in regard to their plans to build a new parkade on the escarpment overlooking Parkdale.

The Parkdale Community Association is pleased to note that AHS has made a decision to rebuild the Foothills Medical Centre Parkade in its existing location in Lot 1.

We received the following statement from AHS Capital Management today:

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has been assessing possible locations for a new parkade to replace Foothills Medical Centre (FMC) parking Lot 1, which is an aging structure that must be replaced.

After an evaluation process which included consideration of community and staff concerns, patient and family needs, preservation of green space, financial and timeline factors, AHS has determined that the new parkade will be built in the existing location of Lot 1, in front of the main hospital. Stantec Consulting is working with AHS to develop a design proposal for the new facility on the Lot 1 site. FMC staff, patients and families, and the community will be consulted on plans for the development.

Communication of construction activity timelines and interim parking strategies is recognized as a high priority. AHS will continue to meet regularly with the FMC Area Communities Working Group, which includes representatives from Parkdale, St. Andrews Heights, and University Heights.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Parkdale Planning and Development Committee for their continued support for the protection of our valued environmental spaces, and for keeping a close eye on the redevelopment of home sites throughout the community.

We would also like to thank the large number of Parkdale residents who provided input during the decision making process of this proposed development.

A special thanks to Derek Brown, Kara Hallett, and Rob Wenarchuk, who remained in constant contact with AHS and acted as tireless advocates on behalf of the citizens of Parkdale, as well as PCA Executive Director Bill Biccum for his excellent work in coordinating the PCA’s efforts and working with our municipal government to ensure their support.

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