Wanted: PCA Treasurer

With Paul Neave agreeing to serve as President of the Parkdale Community Association (PCA), the role of Treasurer has become vacant. The PCA is actively recruiting community members who are looking for an opportunity to serve in this vital role.

Individuals with accounting or financial experience are ideal, but not necessary. Most tasks are completely templated out courtesy of Paul, who is happy to help guide anyone who is willing to help. To get involved or ask questions, contact Paul at paulneave@shaw.ca.

PCA Treasurer duties include:


  • Pay bills, invoices, etc.
  • Bank Deposits
  • Coding of all revenues and expenses
  • Payroll (bi-weekly)


  • Reconcile monthly bank statement
  • Review monthly accounting report (prepared by the PCA’s accountant)
  • Compare Budget to Actuals
  • Monitor the “financial health” of our various accounts and ensure that the PCA can meet the forecast demands on each account
  • Prepare Monthly Treasurer’s Report from an existing template.
  • Review financial activities at monthly PCA Board Meeting
  • Participation in monthly Executive Committee meetings


  • Manage the year-end audit process from start to finish
  • Present audited financial statements at PCA AGM
  • Prepare the annual PCA Budget and present to the PCA Board for review/approval
  • Prepare and submit Society Annual Return

Other/Ad Hoc Items

  • AGLC Reporting of Casino Account activity
  • Hold Finance Committee meetings (on an “as required” basis) to discuss/resolve accounting issues and promote communication
  • Provide financial and accounting support to new projects
  • Continually monitor and implement new financial policies and procedures to support our PCA financial activities

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