The Henry’s newest home owners meet their neighbours

Mike Keizer, Project Manager, gave us the white hat welcome as we arrived at the ground-breaking get-together for Brookfield Residential’s The Henry on April 3. As we chatted with Gillian Edwards, Brookfield’s Communications Manager, the sun came out from behind the clouds and neighbours-old and new-arrived. We had previously met many of the Brookfield representatives at Parkdale Community Association meetings and at the moving-the-garden Volunteer day in the fall of 2015. It was great to see Ryan Moon’s sons again; they had helped a lot with transplanting. Long-time residents were able to fill in the newcomers with the history of the site going back to the mid-twentieth century. Parkdale Community Association board members and the Garden and Gathering Place volunteers met and mingled with the new condo owners, the Henry architect, Brookfield’s Senior VP of Calgary Homes, managers and many others.

As the new owners donned their hard hats and took their spades to break ground on their homes, they had already been introduced to some Parkdale history and learned lots about why their new neighbours love Parkdale.

Justin Seguin-who helped plan the garden move-has been diligent in keeping the neighbours who are most affected by the build, informed on what to expect during the construction phase. It doesn’t make less dust, but it helps it to settle.

Maureen Flynn-Burhoe is a gardener, visual artist and Wikipedia editor who lives in Parkdale.

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