Oct 4, 2017 – note: updates are taken from approved minutes of monthly meetings requiring a 2 month cycle to draft issue and approve. Some information will necessarily be out of date. More up to date information can be obtained directly from project specific websites. 

Calgary Cancer Project

  • Lot 1 Parkade – Painting, mid-September, precast assembly to proceed into January 2018, paving summer 2018, Completion 2019.
  • Lot 7 – Decanted and relocated to Lot 10 at the U of C main campus
  • Cancer building – design was well received by the community group with some concerns with pedestrian and cyclist connectivity. The City is completing their Team Review on the design. Excavation is to begin mid-October and phase 1 to be complete September 2018. Excavation will involve 40 trucks/day with right-in and right-out onto 16th

Foothills Medical Centre power plant upgrades (turbo generator addition at steam plant)

  • Design in progress. Construction start summer 2018, complete fall 2018

Stadium Shopping Centre

  • Geotechnical engineering is ongoing to finalize the foundation plans. Construction drawings are expected to be complete in the next 6 months. New Development Drawings will be submitted for review in late October to reflect minor surface adjustments in the original plan resulting from the design changes.
  • The underground parkade will be two levels.
  • Construction phasing is currently targeting a clockwise approach with the former Redwater Grill being first and Wendy’s / Keg last.    
  • Demolition mid-2018, with Parkade construction going to early 2019.

University District (West Campus)

  • South pond upgrades Fall 2017, north pond landscaping summer 2018 to Spring 2019
  • Sidewalks (phase 1 and 2) to be completed summer 2018
  • Deep utilities are proceeding.
  • Seniors facility construction starts in the spring of 2018 and will include Independent units (condos) to dementia care.
  • The grocery store will be Save On Foods
  • Sales are brisk

City of Calgary

  • 16th Ave and 29th Street intersection
    • Medians, roundabout, and pork chop islands to be complete in October 2017
    • The adjustments to provide right-in and right-out approaches required for the Calgary Cancer Project will delay final completion (paving) into November 2017
  • North Crosstown (16th Ave) Buss Rapid Transit project
    • Construction under way with completion in the spring of 2018. The bus will stop at the Cancer Centre.
  • Transit – Trip planning for Calgary Board of Education students is underway

University of Calgary

  • The old MacKimmie Library tower is decanted (600 people) and construction to commence over a 5 year period from September 2017 to summer 2022. Interior demolition will continue to Summer 2018, occupancy of MacKimmie Tower 2020, occupancy of MacKimmie Block 2022
  • Occupancy of the professional Faculties Building 2022
  • Renovations to Science A and EEL building as well as utility reduction and building control improvements to 15 other building to be complete May 2018.
  • Renovations to select areas of the engineering building to December 2017
  • Landscape development plan is in progress and new way finding signage is in place.
  • The 2017 Community Report is now available on the University website.

Cadillac Fairview (CF Market Mall)

  • The former Target space is now Home Sense, Sporting Life and Zara
  • The Sport Check renovation is to be complete May 2018 – open through construction
  • The East side parkade expansion is complete with 100 extra stalls.
  • The former Staples/Home Sense space will become Sacs off 5th and one other tenant yet to be confirmed

Ward 7

  • Brentwood Co-Op still having ongoing issues with approval
  • Dalhousie Co-Op has made improvements but still in development application stage
  • The South Shaganappi Trail study is undergoing final drawing revisions.



MLA Varsity

  • MLA boundary changes should be available this fall
  • Consumer Protection Plan (door to door power salesmen, telemarketing, ticket scams, etc) feedback gathering session completed at the end of September.
  • Cannabis framework feedback session completed at the end of October.
  • Energy rebates ended October 29.

Brentwood Care Facility

  • Located on 16th Ave east of 29th street, Intercare provides continuing care including long term, hospice, specialized care and supportive living. Phase 1 3 stories with parkade, phase 2 4 stories with basement and Kitchen, phase 3 replaced remaining section of original building. Completion next year.
  • Dementia Care – uses butterfly model of feelings based care. Specialized care – brain injury. Main entry designed like a main street complete with bistro and hair salon. Information on the Intercare website.


  • Community is split on secondary suites
  • Spot rezoning requests are not allowed in the ARP and becoming an issue.
  • The South Shaganappi Trail study prompted changes to Memorial drive (left turn lane on 37th ). Communities were concerned with the lack of direct engagement by the City.
  • Shouldice park regional pathway will have will have the unpaved link in the pathway completed this year.

St Andrews Heights

  • The Local school underwent a land use change to accommodate child care – community is concerned about resulting traffic issues
  • Monster houses are becoming an issue in their community.
  • They have receive their first application for a secondary suite – laneway house
  • Crime is up in their community. A resident who confronted 3 well-dressed men attempting to open a car was threatened with an axe. Report suspicious activity to 911.

University Heights

  • Secondary suites are becoming an issue in the community.
  • Crime and coyote sightings are both on the rise. Cars break-ins and thefts – even from driveways. Break and enters, drug use in parks etc. are on the rise according to the community liaison officer. Communities should be aware and wary. Report all incidents and suspicious activity. Statistics drive enforcement. Be careful with small pets running free.


  • Secondary suites are becoming an issue in this community as well.
  • A portion of the regional pathway on 53rd is being completed this fall.

Ward 7 – All Candidates Sessions Community Question and Answer Sessions

  • Both Montgomery and Parkdale hosted the ward 7 candidates for a question and answer in September (Montgomery included the 2 trustee candidates). This article will be issued post-election but still of interest – Collective topics from both sessions included: lane houses; development relaxations, breaches, and enforcement; climate change; low income residents and poverty; Midfield Park; diversity; public art; budgeting; taxation; community engagement; hockey stadiums; fluoride; closed door meetings and council transparency; donations from developers; bike lanes; bike paths; photo radar; digital parking passes (residential); safe injection sites; and pursuit of the Olympics.


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