South Shaganappi Update

Alberta Health Services

Work continues on IMP (Infrastructure Maintenance and Prevention) programs. Noise studies related to Helipad are underway. The parking structure project to be finalized shortly. The structure is to be constructed in the same area as the existing parkade (Lot 1) with 800  more stalls (2000 total) to absorb the lost parking when the Cancer Center project takes over lot 7.  Master planning is into the second phase. Consultants are engaged for planning options and decanting options. Community engagement is underway.

Alberta Infrastructure

Calgary Cancer Center Project – Funding has been approved with construction starting in 2017 and commissioning in 2024. Traffic Impact assessment has been completed and sent to the City. The process is to be re-engaged with the City and then with the communities. Update reports for the Cancer Center to be sent out by Alberta Infrastructure communications group. Contact for the project is Erin Nagata

Discussion around the proposed pedestrian bridge across 16th Avenue from the new Cancer Center project to the new Stadium Shopping Centre development have begun with solicitation of comments from the stakeholders at the SSASPG. Aesthetically the proposed bridge would be a main gateway into the City and services a large population in connecting two major employment and residential areas. Safety, ramps, 24 hr access and design (enclosed vs open) were key elements of discussion.

Cadillac Fairview Update (Market Mall)

Land use amendment for the site expansion is to be postponed. DP for Sport Check expansion is to proceed. The 25000 sq ft expansion is being planned within existing space. Construction should begin in 2016.

City of Calgary Update

Open house for the South Shaganappi Trail Study was held at the Parkdale Community Center on Nov 19th 2015. Summary notes to be presented once compiled.  The 16th Ave. and 29th St intersection upgrades will not be started until the ultimate layout is finalized and the Stadium DP is approved.

Western Securities Update (Stadium Shopping Centre)

Heartfelt sentiments were expressed for the business owners who were affected by the fire. Electrical work and converting what was in inside wall to an outside wall are in progress. Affected business should be up and running in a few weeks. Current tenants are on 6 month leases as re-development approaches.

Work is ongoing on the Stadium Development Permit application and detailed design. Targeting submission for DP by the end of January 2016.  Design intent remains unchanged (as per May open House) however the underground parkade has been reconfigured to two levels (from 3) with the same number of stalls through a more efficient design layout.

Innovate Calgary Update

Innovate Calgary is pleased to announce that they were recognized as the #3 ranked University Business Incubator in North America by UBI for 2015 and #6 in the World. Master planning continues to be a work in progress. The intent is to plan for as many different users groups as possible. CMG to move from the north building in summer of 2017.

University of Calgary Update

Long range development plan is in the stakeholder engagement stage, this includes guiding principles for campus. Outreach to City regarding campus plans for advocacy week. New way finding signage is being installed.


Visioning is complete and Vecova is conducting a planning study of functional programming and the building project including renovating versus rebuilding.

West Campus

Grading work continues and relocation of the loam pile is almost complete with seeding to follow. Constriction will dwindle as winterization proceeds. Phase one is on the market with two townhomes and multifamily sites. Phase 2 on Main Street is next.

Project is proceeding as planned. Site signage to be installed soon. Minor land use changes to accommodate a boundary adjustment required by the university and to add temporary parking to the south portion of the site are required. The boundary adjustment is to allow the University to keep their playing field (block 25) in exchange for an equivalent land area adjacent to the central park.

This land will be used for residential units (a lower density than the previous Block 25 provision due to the proximity to the park). The temporary parking is a collaborative effort to accommodate the Foothills hospital parkade construction. 1200 parking stalls must be moved to facilitate the new parkade construction.

These will be temporarily be relocated to west campus lands slated for development in a later phase. The temporary surface parking is not to exceed 3 years and will be reclaimed for the proposed development once the parkade is complete.  The West Campus Trust received the Peoples Choice award in Urban Design for this project (congratulations).

Main street Bowness BRZ

The City is are looking at potential improvement to Main Street Bowness. Gas Plus continues to be an on-going issue. Sanitary trunk construction is on schedule for May 2016 completion.


The 16th Avenue  Beautification study running west from Home Road has turned into a dual turning lane and bike lane project at the recent City open house. The community was broadsided by the proposed plans for for a bike lane on home road and is strongly resisting the proposal citing both safety and biking group resistance to the project. The Community center had a roof replacement and new makeup air unit installed. Updates on the Trinity Development across from Canada Olympic Park can be found on

University Heights

Seniors fitness sessions free at the Foothills Mennonite Church. AGM postponed till January. University Heights worked with the school and the Foothills Mennonite church to accommodate evacuation the students during the Stadium Shopping Centre fire and are conducting fundraising to support the businesses destroyed by the fire.

St. Andrews Heights

Rundle School was sold but should still operate there until summer of 2016 or 2017 depending on the progress of development of the new campus.

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  1. What is the city doing to reduce the traffic noise levels on Bowness road and Shaganappi Trail. Residents in the 2 towers at Riverside are disturbed by the noise and dust levels that traffic is producing.

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