Parkdale Area Redevelopment Plan – November Image and Idea Night

The following are notes provided by Kara Hallett in relation to November’s Image and Idea Night.

November 18, 2014
Pizza Bob’s Classic Pie – 2610 Kensington Road NW

Attendees and Contributors:

Lise Gibeau & Chris Chetcuti – Ph: 403-869-7982


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Initiate discussions among Parkdale residents interested in preparing a redevelopment plan that reflects and respects their values.

Click here to view images collected during the Image and Idea Night.

Part 1

Process:  Everyone in attendance was asked to ‘free associate’ their answers to the question:

Which Characteristics shape Parkdale’s identity?  What should our community focus on preserving/enhancing?”

Each person had a stack of ‘post it notes’ where s/he wrote one idea or one answer per note to the question above.

The ideas were then amalgamated into themed groupings.

The following consists of ‘theme’ headings that emerged.  The bullets indicate verbatim comments from the individual attendees.

Heritage identity

  • heritage houses
  • heritage homes
  • keep historic homes and integrity of Parkdale Boulevard
  • heritage preservation

Pedestrian/recreation in natural spaces

  • grassy hilltop hill & wild grass bluff east of 29th street
  • dog off leash park
  • escarpment as a demarcation between hospital and lower community (upper parkdale)
  • outdoor amenity maintenance
  • bow river pathway
  • open field at community centre
  • riverbank preservation
  • pathways around hospital , along river and wild grass area
  • riverbank preservation
  • easy access to river pathways
  • river pathway
  • river walk
  • riverwalk
  • I love the easy access to the river and pathways
  • bike/walk along river
  • river access
  • outdoor amenity space front yard setback
  • maintain hospital hill
  • easy transit

Urban forest/Tree canopy

  • preserve trees
  • mature trees
  • mature trees
  • more trees
  • urban canopy
  • urban forestry/canopy

Small business core

  • love the admittedly few but great small businesses
  • parkdale gathering place in Parkdale cres
  • having a commercial hub for local businesses
  • small businesses

People & diversity

  • families staying long term in the community
  • housing old and new ethnic ? population
  • moderate to low density housing
  • diversity of housing
  • diverse population (profession,income, interest)
  • diversity
  • community
  • safe atmosphere
  • neighbourhood school
  • pedestrian friendly

 Planning and development

  • create better options for smaller residences
  • human scale development
  • buffer on west by rehab/belcher buildings at woods homes

Part 2

Process:  After the themes had been identified, Groups were created to ‘brainstorm’ ideas related to each theme.

Attendees produced a single idea on a single post it note and submitted. The following comments next to the ‘bullets’ are the verbatim ideas submitted during this session.

In addition, some people submitted images to communicate their ideas for the future of Parkdale.

Group 1 was charged with brainstorming ideas around diversity

Group 2 charged with brainstorming Pedestrian/Recreation in natural spaces access.


  • Artists and people who make vibrant communities can’t currently afford to live in Parkdale
  • something to attract people passing by to engage in the community
  • affordability of housing seen as a major issue
  • seems to widely agreed that we need to promote a diverse housing typology
  • diversity of housing, economics & everything else is important
  • cheese, wine, olive bread shops in the community


  •  Traffic calming
  • Central median through the parkdale boulevard, 3rd ave & bowness road
  • Bridgeland market owner
  • Parking vs. a creative courtyard to attract pedestirans in parkdale hub. inspiration Llllife yard in parkdale hub
  • Lllife yard london. housing, commercial and common courtyard space, connected roofs
  • destinations in parkdale a) parkdale crescent b) market (like in bridgeland) on Becca lands
  • more shops in the crescent
  • small businesses in laneway housing?
  • seasonal temporary uses eg. food trucks along river
  • dog friendly: – poo bag stations, hitching posts
  • bike racks
  • outdoor seating
  • outdoor seating & naturalization in crescent
  • outdoor market in the ‘park and ride’ site
  • sidewalk against school field along 29t st.
  • whitewash the elementary school
  • parkdale arch at 28th st and shaganappi as community boundary markers
  • air stream pop up station
  • parkdale banner marking residential area
  • food trucks along pathway
  • commercial redevelopment = walkable community
  • parking along memorial drive


This image and idea night will be the first of several.  At this stage in the process, we are encouraging idea development.  Debate about the merit and feasibility of individual ideas will come at a later time.

Follow up:

The next Image and Idea night will be hosted :

February 23, 2015
7:00 pm
Studio North
1221B Kensington Rd NW.  (upper level)


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