*NEW* Kids Rollerblade Program

Join us Thursday’s from 5-6:30pm, for a 6 week program of fun, indoor rollerblading! Alien_Inline_Grind_Black

Alien In-Line, Alberta’s favourite skating program, is coming to the Parkdale Community Association! All gear and safety equipment  is provided!

Program Content
The Alien In-Line program teaches many basic and advanced skating skills. Skills introduced vary based on student abilities and may include; standing on skates/basic position, simple forward motion, several ways to stop, several ways to turn, safe skating strategies, road/pathway etiquette and non-aerial jumping. Instruction time is followed by games chosen to use the skills in a more active situation. Some sessions may end with a period of free skating time, often accompanied by music. Sign up below!

Safety and Protective Gear
Alien In-Line provides protective gear for each student (knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet). We are VERY strict in requiring that it be used at all times. We teach students the importance of wearing protective gear while skating – and recommend that you, as parents, reinforce this message at home and also require your children to gear up before skating.

AIL_Brake_01Helmets and Head Lice
Alien In-Line strictly requires ALL students to wear helmets at ALL times while on skates. We provide helmets for all students, but are aware of that use of shared helmets can contribute to the spread of head-lice. Due to allergy and environmental concerns, we do NOT treat our helmets with anti-lice pesticides – and suggest that parents concerned about head-lice have children bring their own helmet to school for use during the Alien In-Line program.

Proper Attire
We suggest that students wear comfortably fitting clothes on skating days (not too tight and not to baggy). Skirts or dresses should be avoided. All children should have clean, dry socks.

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