Message from your PCA President

Paul Neave

As enter into a new year, it is worth taking a minute to reflect on the past year. It’s been an eventful year for your PCA; the PCA continues to provide key programs and services that benefit many residents of Parkdale.

Our spring soccer program continues to grow and had record enrollment in 2014.  Soccer registration in now underway for the Spring 2015 program. Special thanks to Traci Nayeri, Greg Habstritt and all the other soccer volunteers for their efforts in making this program so successful.

The Planning and Development Committee continues to monitor and respond to development activities in and around the community of Parkdale. The P&D Committee has embarked on an ambitious initiative with University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design. In collaboration with interested Parkdale residents and the U of C, the P&D Committee is seeking to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses land use and development in Parkdale. Please check out the article by Paul Mercer in this issue for more details.

One of the most significant events this past year was the creation of a Parkdale Community Garden. If you’ve been by the Parkdale community hall, you’ve no doubt noticed the circle of raised garden beds. With one year under their belts, the Garden Committee has ambitious plans to expand the garden through the addition of more beds as well as other garden elements. Thanks to Audrey Smith for her vision and drive to get this initiative well under way.

The PCA also has a revamped newsletter. Our old newsletter format was refreshed last September and has now been replaced with the Parkdale Post. Our new newsletter will provide Parkdale and area residents with more timely news and new look. All of this wouldn’t take place without the efforts of two key individuals – Colin Brandt (Editor-in-Chief) and David Wing (Editor).

I encourage everyone to spend a few minutes checking out our new PCA website as it continues to evolve and improve as we seek to add more relevant content for Parkdale residents. It has become our primary tool for communicating to Parkdale residents and we hope it will help to promote community engagement as well as inform you of events/activities that affect your community.

The PCA is also making an effort to introduce programs and activities that appeal to the community. This fall we made available yoga and adult culinary classes as well as the Fresh Food Box program to Parkdale residents.  We are now introducing additional classes such as Zumba, Tai Chi, Mindful Motion and Babywearing in early 2015.

Please give some thought about participation in these programs or activities.  The PCA is looking for meaningful ways to engage the community.  Your support and/or constructive feedback about our programs and services is valued and appreciated.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous year.

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