Indoor Golf Lessons – Wungolf

Wungolf lessons are a series of lessons for beginner golfers. All equipment is provided and participation is limited to 8 people per 4 week session. Class size of 8 students ensures individual attention. Classes will begin every 4 weeks starting ……. until the end of May.

Our Instructor, Karl Ponto has been a student of golf for over 25 years, and created Wungold lessons to make golf lessons more affordable for beginners.

Lesson 1 : How to hold the club (grip), posture, swing plane, and arm/wrist motion. Students will learn to hit pitch (2/3 swing) shots.

Lesson 2 : A quick review of the basics of golf, then moving from pitch shots to full swing shots.

Lesson 3 : Review and practice of full swing shots, and then on to learning chip shots.

Lesson 4 : Review and practice of chipping,  and moving to putting. Also, full swing with a driver.

4 week sessions are offered at a low registration fee of $42.00 (incl GST) Registration priority is based on date of purchase. Registrants will be contacted to be advised of dates of their 4 week session.