Help us Upgrade the Facility!

View from West-facing wall.
View from West-facing wall.

A little bit of context

In 2014, our facility was the victim of black mould. The Parkdale Community Centre had to be closed immediately upon detection, and the interior of the building was almost completely demolished, remediated, and renovated. The overall cost of the project was more than $400,000.00. Although the City of Calgary helped with funding of the project, we had to use all the funds in our lifecycle account to pay for our portion of the work. This left us financially vulnerable, and makes it a challenge to perform further repairs to the building.

But there’s a problem

Although the flooring installed during the renovation looks beautiful, it is lifting in several areas, creating trip zones throughout the facility. If it continues pull up at the current rate, the Parkdale Community Association will be forced to close the facility until we can raise the funds to replace the flooring.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have been working closely with several flooring companies, and have selected a company which has provided us with high recommendations from previous clients. The flooring is high quality, and our goal is to replace the floors in June.

You can help us

We need your help We need to quickly raise $50,000 to replace the flooring, giving us a new chance to offer more programs and services to the community and the city. Please donate to our campaign and help us to continue our good work for the community!

Donate today by visiting our crowdfunding page on

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