Help us name the Garden!

Garden Cleanup_0001The Parkdale Garden and Gathering Place is a long name for a simple concept – a special place in our community that welcomes and inspires through connections with the earth and with each other.

In addition to traditional raised bed gardening, the garden will offer a food forest of perennial fruits, a large herb garden as well as vining plants on our pergola. Our pergola and shed veranda will be choice gathering places for community visits and events.

As we get ready for the second year, the garden has a number of great initiatives on the go, and we want your help in giving the Garden a new name that reflects our community and what we are trying to accomplish.

The selection below offers a glimpse of a few options the Garden Steering Committee have proposed; if you would like to add your two cents or suggest your own, complete the survey below by April 1 or email

Parkdale Gardens
Born from a grassy field behind the Community Association, Parkdale Gardens will become a destination for the community and beyond, with beautiful flora and wonderful experiences.

Parkdale Station
Parkdale used to be the first stop on Calgary’s early tram line, and at Parkdale Station members of the community can start their own gardening journey, with opportunities to learn and grow in Calgary’s best neighborhood.

Parkdale Growing Place
The garden is about more than just growing plants – it’s about growing community. The Parkdale Growing Place is our community’s centre, a special space for learning and sharing the best our community has to offer.

The Bend in the Bow
Here in Parkdale, we like to do things a little differently – and the Bend in the Bow is our version of a community garden. Incorporating educational elements and innovative practices, the Bend in the Bow is about changing the way we look at gardening – and the way we experience our community.

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