Parkdale Community Garden and Gathering Space in 2013

This is how the garden began…

For more recent news in February 2016 onwards, and the portal to all things gardening at the Parkdale Community Garden and Gathering Space look here.

Garden news in 2013

The Garden is always growing new initiatives, helpful tips and great ideas. for a detailed list, check out the Garden Blog.

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Proposed plan for the Parkdale Community Garden and Gathering Space. Click to enlarge.

The Project Plan and Phase 1 of the build

Our initial design and Project Plan has been generated, including a large circle of raised garden beds, an herb garden, a food forest, community support pergola, open leisure spaces, compost area and a utility space.

A large poster of the proposed design for the garden/gathering space is available for viewing at the Parkdale Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, along with some concept boards to help articulate the individual elements of the design. Comments, ideas and design thinking are welcome. You can express yourself directly to the committee by contacting Audrey Smith – Garden Chair.

If you aren’t able to attend the market you can also see a design by stopping in to Executive Director Bill Biccum’s office at the Community Centre.

Check out photos and get involved

To find out how you can help finish Phase 1 and get involved in the Garden or sign up for the waitlist for the next set of beds, check out our volunteer and fundraising section.

For the latest photos from Garden events, check out photo gallery!

Garden Cleanup_0041
Members of our Garden get together to clean up the beds at the end of the season.