Garden Grand Opening hosts medieval merry-making

by Audrey Smith

Video slideshow courtesy of Marilynne Hebert

On September 26 the garden hosted over 175 people to celebrate our Grand Opening with a Medieval Faere. The garden park was full of colour and activity as medieval costumes, banners and ribbons, performers and artisans filled the space including The Apple Lady with bins of beautiful produce. The Rennaisance Singers sang while Ian the Minstrel piped his way through the garden. Tim of Sherwood displayed his hand-made bows and handfletched arrows. Blacksmith Garth Thompson heated his brazier and Chad Hazzard’s heavy fighters demonstrated their skills.

Many folks from the Society for Creative Anachronism attended to add interest and authenticity to the event. Children made cardboard swords and shields, played games and admired the horses. A ring of garden friends spoke gratitude and wishes to formally open the Parkdale Garden and Gathering Space. Village Brewery donated 3 kegs of beer to our beer garden.

The Lions Club fed all of the attendees with a meal of roast beef on a bun and beans. Servus Credit Union generously funded our event which made the day’s activities free to our community.

…. And the sun shone!

Thanks to the organizing team who made this event happen; Karen Freeze, Bill Biccum, Bruce Hmcirik, Marcel Hebert, Marilynne Hebert, Dustin Hebert, Marlene Cameron, Maureen Flynn-Burhoe and Audrey Smith.

Finally, on October 1 our garden hosted a networking event organized by Judi Vandenbrink of the Evergreen Foundation. The Evergreen Foundation has supported our garden builds both this year and last with generous grants that allowed us to purchase cedar for the garden beds.

This event was attended by people from many communities who are interested in our garden and in the ways that the Evergreen Foundation works to support projects like ours.


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