A note from the Board President

Happy Holidays, Parkdale Neighbours.

December 29th marks 65 years for our community. Community Associations play an integral role – convening and building community while sharing ideas to improve our quality of life.

Community Associations also play an important role in advancing interest and concerns of our residents and our neighbourhood.

The City of Calgary held public consultation on its 2019-2022 Service Plan and Budget on November 26th .

On behalf of Parkdale I presented to Council and provided the following three recommendations:

  1. A resilient city is one that encourages active participation in the community. Recognize there is an imbalance of suburban recreation and community facilities like Rockyview YMCA
    versus those inner cities aging facilities that are expected to be run by volunteers. Parkdale recommends investing in our community association infrastructure equal to that of
    suburban neighbourhoods.
  2. Recognize the value of capital investment on the quality of life of inner city neighbourhoods. Parkdale embodies Council’s priorities and recommends an investment to support efforts to
    promote quality of life equally across all of Calgary’s communities.
  3. Funding strategies to support the delivery of neighbourhood programming and services that promote a sense of belonging. If PCA folded, who would provide the services we offer to the
    community? The cost-effectiveness of the City being able to deliver programs and services via volunteers can’t be matched.

A strong showing by inner city community associations and clear articulation of the unique challenges we face encouraged City Council to approve $6.5 million for community association and social recreation group support. I am excited about this announcement and look forward to Parkdale accessing these monies to enhance quality of life in our community and for Calgary.

In December, I raised the issue that the PCA’s biggest challenge is keeping the lights on at the community centre. The Board of Directors is exploring opportunities for a full-time tenant such as a
childcare service to be an anchor tenant. In December we launched a resident-community survey asking for your input on childcare.

Thank you to everyone who participated. This input will guide our
recommendations to the community. It was clear by the responses we received that there is a need for childcare in Parkdale. I encourage you to monitor the Parkdale Community Association Facebook page, Twitter and our website for the results on the survey.

The PCA Board of Directors is working hard to ensure that we build a sustainable future for the community association. However, we need your help. This month, there are 3 new specific ways you can

  1. We need two volunteers to fill two critical roles – Director of Membership and Director of Grants & Funding. The Director of Membership is responsible for building the Parkdale membership, marketing and defining the benefits of membership and liaising with the community. The Director of Grants and Funding is responsible for building a strategy and executing a strategy to secure grants and sponsorship for Parkdale programming. Both roles are members of the Board of Directors.
  2. Support our Parkdale businesses. We are fortunate to have a business hub in our community. They contribute to our quality of life and provide service to or community.
  3. To celebrate 65 years, we would like to hear your story about Parkdale and share it in our newsletter. Each month we would like to feature one (or more) stories about our amazing
    community, its residents and its history. Share your Parkdale story with the community.

I am active on Twitter and encourage you to follow and engage in the conversation. Let’s make 2019 a great year for Parkdale!

Amanda Affonso
Twitter @affonsoamanda

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