Working Dogs Day – Sept. 20

off-leash-ambassador-event-Social MediaThe Off-Leash Ambassador program is holding a community working dogs event this Saturday to educate Calgarians about service dogs and the work that they do in the community. We believe this to be a first with having so many service dogs at one event!

Please accept this as your invitation to come meet the dogs and their handlers, find out how they are trained, what they are trained to do and have your photo taken with them.

The event, “Working Dogs Day” is taking place this September 20, 2014 between 11am and 2:30pm at Bowmont Off-leash Dog Park, 85 St. N.W. & BearsPaw Dam Rd. N.W , South of the railway tracks. Other features include:

  • VIPs, local celebrities and special guests
  • Mascots
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer for recall training and questions
  • Professional Photographer
  • Media
  • Pet First Aid (for safety and information on courses)
  • City of Calgary Parks P.U.P.P.Y. (Pick Up Pooch’s Poo Yourself)
  • Tim Horton’s coffee, hot chocolate and Timbits

Bowmont Off-Leash Park

History on the Off-Leash Ambassador Program

Passed by Council in April 2012, The Animal & Bylaw Services Off-Leash Ambassador Program was created and developed to educate dog owners about “Responsible Pet Ownership” so all park users can have a safe, healthy and enjoyable dog park experience. The program was launched last fall and since then the response has been incredible.

The number of problems and complaints has decreased and we continue to receive positive feedback from Calgarians.

The work of the Ambassadors include:

  • Promote responsible pet ownership, positive pet interactions and safety in off-leash areas through the provision of information and demonstrations.
  • Answer questions regarding Calgary’s bylaws in off-leash areas.
  • Act as positive role models in off-leash parks in terms of adhering with Calgary’s bylaws.
  • Provide an avenue for citizens to express concerns and pass along concerns to City staff.
  • Promote the work of Animal & Bylaw Services and the services available at the Animal Services Centre, such as animal adoption and licensing.

The program was piloted in two northwest parks, Bowmont and Egerts and expanded to 12 off-leash parks this spring.

We currently have 60 ambassadors and the interest keeps growing. The September orientation session is already at capacity with 20 new recruits!

Thank you for helping to keep our Off-Leash Parks safe, healthy and a great place for Calgarians to take their dog.

The Off-Leash Ambassador program has created a sense of community and caring in our dog parks through our volunteers. To enhance and promote that community spirit, we hold events to bring dog owners and park users together for education, awareness and of course, voluntary compliance.

Hope to see you on Saturday! The forecast is for sunshine and 23 degrees! If you have any questions or comments, please contact me anytime.

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