Vote in Avenue’s Best Neighbourhoods Survey

Avenue magazine will close its annual Best Neighbourhoods Survey on February 28th, giving residents of Parkdale only a few more weeks to share their opinions about what makes ours such a great community.

This is the forth year Avenue has set out to quantify what readers value most in the places where they live. The Best Neighbourhoods Survey collects data from a range of Calgarians asking what traits they value most when selecting a community, including amenities, affordability, walkability, crime rates, commute times and even the friendliness of neighbours.

The results of the 2012 survey, released last August, sparked a heated, city-wide conversation about what makes a neighborhood a great place to live. The established community of Varsity topped the final list of 25 neighbourhoods, followed closely by Arbour Lake. For the first time since Avenue began the annual issue, Parkdale didn’t make the cut. 

Results of the survey will be announced in the August issue and the top-ranked neighbourhood will enjoy a block party hosted by Avenue magazine.

The process takes five to 10 minutes, and can be completed online here. Please take the time to complete the survey and let the city know what a great place Parkdale can be.

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