Alberta Health Services

A temporary staff parking lot is being planned on University District lands while the new parkade is being constructed on FMC.  Construction of the temporary lot is expected to begin in the latter part of summer of 2016. The new parkade will be constructed in two phases over 36 months. Also there will be an expansion of Lot 8A on FMC.

Cadillac Fairview Update (Market Mall)

Development Permit for Sport Check expansion was submitted in December 2015. The 25000 sq ft expansion is being planned within existing space (no land use amendment). Sporting Life, Home Sense and Zara are still planned tenants for the Target space, however no signed deals to date. Construction should begin in 2016.

City of Calgary – Rick Michalenko

The Banff Trail and Capitol Hill ARP amendments are going to The Calgary Planning Commission on January 14 with a public hearing expected March 7. The area in question is North of 16th Avenue and East of Crowchild Trail.

Western Securities – Lesleigh Sturge

Rubble from the fire has been mainly cleaned up. Cobbs Bread is badly damaged and may need to be relocated. The Stadium Shopping Center development permit (DP) is scheduled for submission on Jan 28/16. The proposed underground parkade is reduced from 3 levels to two. The reduction is supported by proximity to significant transit routes and stall sharing (i.e. daytime uses, evening uses, peak demand etc. ). The city will review the proposed parking adequacy as part of the DP review.

University of Calgary – Boris Dragicevic, Jane Ferrabee, John Greggs, Kiran Kadavil

Long range planning consultation has started. City Transit is engaged in the process. Updates will be provided at future meetings. The University turns 50 in 2016 – further updates on events are forthcoming.

University District (Formerly West Campus) – Travis Oberg, James Robertson

Phase 1 builders will be announced in the Spring of 2016. An open house for the temporary HAS parking lot will be held on January 14 from 5:00 to 8:00 in the Mennonite  Church by Stadium Shopping Centre.

Main Street Bowness BRZ

The City is are looking at potential improvement to Main Street Bowness. Gas Plus continues to be an on-going issue. Sanitary trunk construction is on schedule for May 2016 completion.

Montgomery – Marilyn Wannamaker, Rhonda Zander

Their AGM will be held in February, and the development permit for their make up air unit has been approved. Once complete their kitchen will be operable again.

Varity – Darlene Feil, Bill Rennie

Christine Meilke School, The Groves of Varsity and the old Turbo site on Shaganappi Tr are all currently under construction and in various stages of completion.

University Heights – Peter Khu

The University Heights community has pulled together to fully provide a Syrian refugee family with clothing and essentials. The fundraiser was a big success and the family will be residing in Marlborough. The university Heights Community Association will also be working closely with Alberta Health Services on the temporary surface parking project.

Parkdale – Vince Walker

The Parkdale Plan will be reviewed for approval on January 12.

St. Andrews Heights – Liz Murray

The Rundle school property has been sold and a 4 story assisted living development comprising approximately 160 beds is being proposed. Only the school area is to be developed – the green space is to be preserved.

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