SSASPG Update – July

West Campus Development Trust (land East of Shaganappi Trail and South of 32nd Ave NW)

  • Recently unveiled the name for the development area. It is to be named ‘University District’. Past Chancellors’ names will be used to identify streets in the development. Chancellors are symbolic of the bridge between the University and the community it serves.  The new concept was passed by the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC).
  • Design and approval continues.
  • There is considerable prepping of the land and planning going on with the University.
  • There is continued discussion with prospective builders.
  • The stripping and grading will be starting soon.

Alberta Health Services (Foothills Hospital)

  • AHS is currently doing internal ‘programmatic’ master planning and has not yet begun the work using external consulting for the physical site master plan. A new director for the Foothills site will begin attending these meeting in June.
  • The timing of Lot 1 work is unknown at this time. Lot 7 may be developed as the new parking area in place of the Cancer Centre. The cancer center development is in libo due to economy and change in government.

Cadillac Fairview (Market Mall)

  • The Target space has been re-acquired by the mall owner. It is likely to be 1-2 years before another tenant will be found for this space.
  • The land beneath Home Sense and Staples comes back to Cadillac Fairview from a third party in 2016.  The Land Use Bylaw revisions over the last few years have resulted in these properties being non-conforming.  Cadillac Fairview expects to pursue the re-establishment of the previous zoning for these sites.

City of Calgary – Planning

  • The Foothills Professional Building parking lot received a 2 year lease renewal.
  • The Seniors Facility on 16th Avenue NW is still in analysis.

City of Calgary – Transportation

  •  The work on the design and consultation for the 16th Avenue and 29th Street intersection will be complete this year, with construction beginning in the spring of 2016.

City of Calgary – Transit

  • A North Crosstown BRT Bus Rapid Transit Request for Proposals is on the street.
  • The many anticipated City, University and other engagement sessions will need careful coordination this autumn.

University of Calgary

  • The University is currently exploring the relocation of the weather station to the north side of 32 Avenue.  The consultation with the Varsity community is expected to be hosted by the Geological Society of Canada, whose land the station would sit on. A temporary weather station is  in testing.
  • The Long Range Development Plan Consultation Framework is heading to the Board of Governors in June.  Upon its approval by the Board, the University will mock up a proposed schedule of consultation sessions and approach neighbouring communities to schedule discussions with them.  The Community Engagement position is now filled allowing for the launch of the consultation program.
  • The University hosted a quiet acknowledgement of the 1 year anniversary of the Brentwood Tragedy on April 15th.  Alongside this was the launch of the ‘Strong U’ festival.  Bermuda Shorts Day did not report any mishaps.
  •  The three 1988 Olympic-era residences along 24 Avenue NW are in the process of being demolished (life expectancy complete). The new residences are in inspection phases and will be ready for September.
  • The Congress of the Humanities will have 10,000 visitors at the University for 10 days between the end of May and early June 2016

Innovate Calgary

  • The north building’s on Innovate Calgary’s campus  north of 32nd avenue NW is being reviewed, it is approximately 60,000 sq. ft. and will be vacant in 2017.
  • The Weive Forest Building currently hosting SNC Lavalin will be vacant at the end of the month and is again for lease.

Western Securities (Stadium Shopping Centre)

  • The naming of the development is still in progress.
  • The development permit submission is still targeting July 2015. It is not certain if the changes in the Cancer Centre project will change this date.
  • The May 27th Open House was well attended with ~70 people – comments and updates will be posted the Western Securities website and will include the posters from the open house.


  • Varsity turns 50 in October and bike lane upgrade discussion (53rd St and 52nd Ave NW) consulting continues.
  • Christine Meikle School construction will be done by Starcraft Construction.
  • Walmart and BestBuy are all that will remain at the Northlands Shopping Centre following redevelopment. Plan is for mixed use 2 stories of retail and 1 story of residential.A Development Permit application will be made shortly.


  • Bike lane upgrade discussions continue.
  • A City Art Project is being examined
  • 16th avenue upgrades include a left turn lane and arrow on Home road will be installed in phase 1
  • phase 2 will include medians between 46th and 49th streets in the near future.
  • Upgrades to 16th Avenue and Bowfort road will commence in June and go to 2017 to accommodate the future Trinity Hills development.
  • Bowmont Park is undergoing a management plan update and is looking for community representatives from the immediately area.
  • Shouldice Park phase 2 upgrade will include lights, scoreboard and washrooms in 2016

St. Andrews Heights

  • Turns 50 in 2016
  • AGM is June 22
  • Chief Crowfoot School sale is pending. A Development Permit (DP) must be obtained before the sale can proceed.

University Heights

  •         The annual community BBQ will be held on June 28 1:30 to 3:30, over 300 expected


  • Partnered with University Heights in raising of $600 in bottles collected, currently looking at a bag program where bottles are collected from residents.

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