Saying Goodbye to Laura Alberti

19a68aaAfter more than five years of volunteering as the Parkdale Community Association’s Volunteer Administration Secretary, Laura Alberti will be moving on from her role. Laura has been a resident of British Columbia for a number of years but has continued to monitor the PCA’s Office email account on a volunteer basis to help manage administrative workload.

The PCA has recently increased staffing with Scott Weir new part-time Director of Programs and Services in addition to Danette Williams as our Farmer’s Market Administrator. With the jump in capacity, Laura has agreed to step away from a role that has helped her maintain a connection to the community.

“It has been a privilege to work with such fine people in our neighborhood; the accomplishments the volunteers have made to keep our community alive, makes me smile each and every day,” said Alberti. “I may live in BC but Parkdale will always be my home.”

The PCA Board of Directors wishes to thank Laura for her contributions to the community over many years. Her willingness to continue to volunteer despite having left the community years ago shows a strength in character that is an example to us all.

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