Saturday Night Fever kicks off the PCA renovation

Our fifth annual fundraiser, Saturday Night Fever, was absolutely fantastic and a great success! The costumes were fantastic and looking quite authentic; great job everyone! And the best part of all was that everyone had a great time!

A huge to all the volunteers that helped me in making this event a great success:

  • Audrey Smith
  • Jackie Wedow
  • Barb Jones
  •  Jody Brox
  • Bill Biccum
  • Kara Hallett
  • Breena Massey
  • Kern Jones
  • Bryce Jones
  • Liam Jones
  • Cassandra Habermeyer
  • Magdalena Enns
  • Colin Brandt
  • Maggie Ficek
  • Darcy Morgan
  • Marcel Hebert
  • Denise Walker
  • Maryn Franks
  • Doug Hebert
  • MJ Novokowsky
  • Garry Ratzlaff
  • Robbin Puvel
  • George Massey
  • Traci Nayeri

We had many great prizes in our raffle this year. Thank you so much to these great people and businesses who helped support this event immensely and we hope that you use their services in kind.

  • Cibo Calgary
  • Pulcinella Ristorante
  • Exquisite Nails and Spa
  • Lubetown
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Pizza Bob’s
  • Deb’s Place Esthetics
  • Yoga Shala
  • Morpheus Theatre Group
  • Kensington Health Group
  • Drs. Eugene and Leona Sembrat – Barb & Bryce Jones
  • Enerjet – Darcy and Donna  Morgan

Thank you to Billingsgate Fish Co. and Pizza Bob’s who brought us a huge platter of seafood delectables and great pizza pies. Both were well received and loved by all! We snacked on chips all night supplied by Derek and Denise Walker of Old Dutch. Thank you for those donations!

Thank you to Cassandra, Robbin and Jackie who helped with the flow of happy juice at the bar and to our Shooter Girls Maggie Enns and Traci Nayeri.

Bill Biccum was amazing as always making sure everything in the kitchen and bar went smoothly and being my right hand man – thank you!

MJ Novokowsky, Garry Ratzlaff, Audrey Smith, Kara Hallett and especially Barb Jones were instrumental this year at the front table. Without your help selling tickets this event wouldn’t have happened – thank you! Thank you to those who helped with cleanup that evening. Many hands made for light work and we were done in no time at all!

And last but certainly not least, the true star of the show, the man that kept us groovin’ til wee hours of the morning, George Massey (aka DJ Jorge), our beloved DJ of the night. What a fantastic job picking the best dancing songs of the 70’s! Thank you for all your time and hard work!

Bruce Ayrton takes the trophy this year with Best Costume. I know you made a few ladies blush with those super tight pants Bruce!!

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