Residential Parking – Proposed Changes

The City of Calgary is proposing to change the rules for residential parking permits. This will affect the majority of Parkdale residents who have parking restrictions on their streets.

On October 21, 2020, Council’s Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit considered Report TT2020-0923 which can be found at Recommendations to implement significant changes to the program were approved by the Committee and will be considered by City Council on November 2, 2020.

In summary, the proposal is to change the existing program to one that recovers the cost of the program by charging residents in permit zones for personal vehicle permits as well as visitor permits. The changes would be implemented in 2022. The yearly fees would be: $50 for first permit of a personal vehicle, $75 for a second vehicle, $125 for a third vehicle and $75 for each of two visitor parking passes.

Currently enforcement and tickets are the responsibility of the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA). It is unclear how enforcement will be implemented with the new system. The CPA has been asked to provide more information.

Although preliminary consultation with residents was undertaken, the process was limited and it appears the recommendation that went to the committee does not align with many of the key findings of the process.

The Parkdale Community Association encourages residents to review the linked information and provide comments directly to Councillor Druh Farrell at . If you wish to have your comments included in the agenda for all Council to consider, send your comments to Alternatively you can complete a form on the City Clerk’s website Given the short time-frame we are sharing the information and the links to the report so you know what is proposed.

You can also speak directly to Council. If you wish to register to speak to Council on November 2 you should contact the City Clerk’s Office by email at​ to register and to receive further information on how to call in.

You can listen to the Council Meetings by going to