PCA and Nifty Fifties sign historic agreement

Sublease begins a new chapter in historically challenging relationship

PCA President Paul Neave signs agreement with PNFSA President Creta McGuire.
PCA President Paul Neave signs agreement with PNFSA President Creta McGuire.

After years of difficult interactions and legal challenges, The Parkdale Community Association (PCA) and Parkdale Nifty Fifties Senior’s Association (PNFSA) is pleased to resolve a longstanding challenge in the completion of a negotiated sublease with a special signing ceremony on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

Despite sharing a building for more than 30 years, the PNFSA and PCA have a complex history, culminating in a legal challenge by the PNFSA over their status in the PCA campus that resulted in years of financial difficulties and hard feelings for both the PCA and PNFSA.

Following the 2013 decision by the Court of Queen’s Bench, the PCA was designated the lessee of the PCA campus by the City of Calgary, with an obligation to sublet a designated portion of the campus to the PNFSA. After more than a year of negotiation between the groups and the City and concerted efforts by all parties to work together to mend the relationship, the final sublease agreement will give the PNFSA a permanent home in Parkdale, providing much-needed services to seniors and the surrounding community.

The event featured newly-elected PCA President Paul Neave and PNFSA President Creta McGuire signing the sublease along with invited guest Councillor Druh Farrell.

“As my first official act as PCA President, I couldn’t be happier to put my name to this agreement,” says Neave. “After years of challenges both within the PCA and with the PNFSA, we are moving in a direction together that is going to show Calgarians exactly what this community has to offer.”

During negotiations of the past year PCA and PDNFSA have worked together and supported each other. Both boards look forward with enthusiasm and hope.

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  1. Great news! although I am retired, it is fabulous to keep aware of all of the successes your CA has been acheiving. Job well done..to both the PC and the NF club! And great website by the way!!!!!

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