Pathway fencing down weekend of June 4

From Marvin Leo, project manager for Bow River Bank Restoration:

Thank you for your patience regarding the Bow River bank stabilization and restoration project in Parkdale.

While construction associated with river bank stabilization was completed in 2015, The City was unable to complete landscaping and repairs to the pedestrian pathway before frost arrived.  Final landscaping and pathway repairs began in April and were completed in May; however the contractor asked for a few weeks to water the fresh sod and give it time to establish before opening the area to the public.  The sod has now had sufficient time to root in and the contractor has confirmed that the construction fencing will be coming down this Friday, June 3.

Please note there will still be temporary fencing placed between the pedestrian pathway and the river to prevent access and damage to the work we have completed along the river bank.   We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but it is an essential component if the restoration work is to be successful.

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