Parkdale Porchtraits!

Parkdale Porchtraits! We have partnered with a lovely photographer from a neighbouring community who has been very busy with these photo sessions in Briar Hill, Sunnyside and West Hillhurst! Her name is Pauline De Koning Kolochuk and she has several price packages to choose from but her top one is for 8-10 photos of your choice for only $45! She only asks that each family spend an additional $15 on a local business of their choice – how great is that?! 

To book your session please message Pauline directly on Facebook or Instagram or email us at for her contact info. Please let her know that you are in Parkdale so we can track how many sessions she books here.  Once you have your pictures be sure to tag us so we can celebrate your beautiful family photos with you ❤️

How it works: Once you book your session Pauline will come to your address and take pictures of your family (from a safe distance!). All photos must be taken outdoors, and you decide who you want in the photos! She will then send you a link with the pictures within a day or two!

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