Parkdale Community Rink Project

Overview of Calgary and Alberta’s First Accessible Outdoor Rink

The PCA is focused on building a vibrant community and quality of life for our residents and the city of Calgary. Our outdoor community rink is at the end of its usable life and has qualified for a lifecycle fund replacement with the City of Calgary. The PCA is taking this opportunity to create a project which will transform the community for generations to come. We are redesigning our social area, along with the rink replacement, to create access inclusive of people with all abilities.

Specifically, we want to be the first outdoor community rink in western Canada that is fully sledge hockey accessible! We love how outdoor hockey brings boys and girls, young and old, new and experienced together. And we want everyone to enjoy this opportunity together. To accomplish this, we need to design and fund the accessibility components which includes creation of addition of warming areas (transition to sleds), ramps, railings, washrooms. 

These social space upgrades have the potential to be a game changer for the community by bringing people together, growing the volunteer base and making grassroots hockey, recreational skating and community place making a success for generations to come. We are setting a new standard for inclusivity and accessibility. 

Project Scope:

The vision PCA has for this project is to become the first accessible rink in Calgary and Alberta. To accomplish this, both phase 1 (the rink replacement) and phase 2 (the Parkdale Hub) need to be completed.  

The reason to split this project into two phases is purely financial. The PCA does not have enough funds at the present time to complete both projects simultaneously. This section will detail the current status and scope of each phase.

Phase 1 – Rink Replacement:

Current State (fully funded):

  • Stantec has completed the design with consultation with Level Playing field to ensure it is built to Canadian sledge hockey standards. 
  • Stantec completed a CCDC-2A fixed price bidding process, and PCA has selected RPC Group Inc. to build Phase 1. Construction started September 2nd.
  • PCA has hired Colliers Project Leaders to manage the project for the PCA
  • PCA has fundraised $410,000 from grants and donations to fund Phase 1. Major donors include the Calgary Flames Foundation, Parks Foundation Calgary, Government of Alberta and the Calgary Foundation.
  • PCA is also approved for a $300,000 Capital Conservation Grant from City of Calgary.
  • Expected completion date is December 2020.

Phase 2 – Parkdale Hub:

The Parkdale Hub is an absolute necessity to realize the benefit of completing phase 1. This second phase of the project will include building an external structure that will have accessible washrooms, warming benches to transfer to sleds, ramps to the rink, a garage for a small ice resurfacing machine, accessibility to both parking lots, and redesign the social area to promote community gatherings, summer/winter hockey & sledge hockey tournaments, and create an amazing, inclusive, accessible center for Calgarians to enjoy.

Current State (need your help):

  • PCA requires funding to proceed with Phase 2.
  • The Parkdale hub is at the ‘concept’ stage.
  • LOLA Architecture has been engaged to develop the detailed design, tendering, construction assurance and project oversight for the Parkdale Hub.
  • LOLA Architecture will be developing the full project budget based on the design. Timeline for design is expected Fall 2020.
  • The PCA is seeking funding partners to realize Phase 2.

Donations can be made via Parks Foundation Calgary here Select Parkdale Outdoor Rink & Community Space Revitalization

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One thought on “Parkdale Community Rink Project

  1. Hi there,

    A few thoughts/ideas for the wonderful rink project…

    1. Staff quarters needed in the zamboni garage that are akin to Mackenzie Lake’s set-up. Mackenzie lake scrapes the ice routinely throughout the winter with a full size zamboni.

    2. You should seek grants/funding for an art statue. If it’s thought out well enough, the right statue would bring even more people to the area… Jerome Iginla facing off against Haley W. is one interesting idea. A group of moose walking together would also be amazing.

    3. Some of the lake communities, Auburn Bay for instance, has a NG fire pit that makes for a lovely winter setting when set it burns though out the season.

    4. A concession stand that serves hot chocolate, coffee, hotdogs, etc akin to an indoor rink would be amazing and useful for everyone using it.

    If these items were included you could host league games and sell practice times for substantial fees.

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