Big changes coming for PCA Newsletter

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The PCA Newsletter’s current format will be retired following the September issue.

After years of developing, publishing and distributing its bimonthly newsletter using an all-volunteer team, the Parkdale Community Association (PCA) is pleased to announce a formal agreement with Great News Publishing to design, print and distribute the PCA Newsletter on a monthly basis, starting in November.

What this means for you

The transition to the new newsletter will have a number of improvements to your reading experience, including:

  • A now-monthly publication schedule, keeping you in the loop on the latest news, programs and events at the PCA;
  • A modernized format, featuring colour photographs, booklet-style formatting, improved cover graphics and a consistent look and feel;
  • Newsletters delivered directly to your mailbox via Canada Post, including secured buildings, tio ensure that all residents receive their newsletters.

Your editorial team

Along with the newsletter changes, we have made adjustments to to focus on the latest news in the community. Don’t forget to bookmark the page or subscribe to our RSS feed to keep informed.

Our existing editorial team and monthly contributors will be staying with the new newsletter, with David Wing serving as Editor and I will continue as Editor-in-Chief and Board Representative for the Communications Committee.

David has been producing the newsletter almost single-handedly for as long as I have been volunteering with the PCA, and I want to thank him for his continued efforts to get the news to the citizens of Parkdale. I hope that this new arrangement will free up some of his valuable spare time to spend actually enjoying some of the services we are offering.

Your newsletter, your community

As the newsletter makes its transition over the next few months, we are inviting citizens of Parkdale to get involved – by either becoming a contributor to the newsletter or just helping us come up with a new name for the publication.

Complete the survey below to submit your vote for a new name for the newsletter, or suggest your own! Results will be announced online in September.

To get involved with the newsletter, please feel free to contact me directly at or provide feedback in the comments below.

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  1. A big thank you to David Wing for his many years of commitment to the PCA newsletter. And now, as we transition to a new version of the newsletter, I want to wish Colin and David all the best with this new initiative.

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